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Affiliated Bujinki Ryu JuJitsu Dojos:
Allen Horner Eclectic Martial Arts
Allen Horner
Rokudan, 6th Dan, Chief Instructor
1400 N. Country Rd. 101
Plymouth, MN 55447

Dynamic Martial Arts
John McVey
Sandan, 3rd Dan, Chief Instructor
YMCA & Boys Club
Pierre, South Dakota

McKay JuJitsu
Lynn Mc Kay, Yondan, 4th Dan
Shaun McKay, Godan, 5th Dan
Chief Instructors
Wall, South Dakota
Bujinki Ryu Jujitsu Honbu
Rapid City, S.D.
(605) 348-1694
Dynamic Martial Arts instructors during Hanchi
George Alexander's seminar in Rapid City.
Wall and Brookings students and instructors during
the 2006 seminar in Wall with Shihan Julio Usera
George Alexander
Hanshi, 10th Dan and President
Web site:

United States JuJitsu Federation
Bruce Brethers
Hanshi, 8th Dan and President
Web site:

American JuJitsu Association
Prof. George Kirby
Hanshi, 9th Dan and Chairman
Web site:

United States Traditional Kodokan Judo Association
Web site:

United States Martial Arts Federation
Web site:

The American Federation of JuJitsu
Master Jeffrey L. Moore
National Director
Web site:
Professional Member Associations: